Multicoloured peonies in a round vase in oil painting

Master class is taught by Mariya Pavlova
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Learn to draw stunning still lifes with colourful peonies in this masterclass with Maria Pavlova. Follow the lesson step by step, drawing peonies of different colours arranged in a vase


Take your painting skills to the next level with this detailed masterclass on painting peonies with Maria Pavlova. You'll gain invaluable knowledge and skills as you take a step-by-step demonstration with bright pink, white and burgundy peonies arranged in a clear glass vase.

Get tips on colour mixing and the painting process to capture the mood of the bouquet - from the lush, ruffled petals to the delicate stems and leaves. Maria shares her expertise in creating vibrant floral images, controlling light and giving her paintings energy and depth. Through a video tutorial with clear instructions, Maria gives you everything you need to successfully paint stunning realistic still lifes with peonies.

We start with a problem statement and explanation, pencil drawings and finish with a full oil study of the bouquet 

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & German auto subtitles

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On this course you will learn
  • techniques for mixing rich oil colours to create peonies of different shades
  • the steps of painting convincing petals, leaves, stems and other parts of peonies
  • Maria's approach to painting and creating luminous layers in oil painting composition 
  • making your floral paintings blossom with life and vibrant colours
For whom this course is

- Beginners and continuing artists who want to improve their flower painting skills
- Those who want to learn how to paint peonies and other flowers in oils
- Anyone who wants to create bright and colourful paintings of peonies

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3 lectures

Multicoloured peonies in a round vase in oil - part 1 1 час 23 мин

Multicoloured peonies in a round vase in oil - part 2 1 час 23 мин

Multicoloured peonies in a round vase in oil - part 3 15 мин

Necessary materials

Canvas (fine grain) 50/60 cm or 40/50 cm


  • mastichin
  • oil can
  • Tee (double, medium, liquin, etc.) and thinner (odourless or slightly odourless is better)


  • one large (bristle)
  • 3-4 medium
  • several small ones


  • Titanium whitewash
  • Neapolitan yellow-pale
  • Neapolitan yellow
  • Grass green
  • Vermilion yellow-green
  • Craplac red or violet
  • Cobalt blue medium or ultramarine
  • Umber Leningradskaya or Mars brown


Mariya Pavlova

Mariya Pavlova

I graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Arts (I.E.Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture), member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists since 2005 My painting credo: "Painting should cause only positive emotions". "I write only what I myself would be happy to hang on the wall in my room". I illustrate children's books, write oil paintings, occasionally tempera and pastels. Any subject: animalistics, children's portraits and flowers
from 15.2 
-39% 25 

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from 15.2 
-39% 25 

Discount ends in