Breakfast with bread and cheese. Drawing still life with watercolor

Master class is taught by Elena Bazanova
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Step by step master the technique of watercolor together with Elena Bazanova at the master class "Breakfast with bread and cheese", paint a still life with appetizing freshly baked ruddy rye bread, and tender golden cheese with a gloss of butter and holes in the flesh, which seems translucent "in th


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In this master class we will learn how to paint with watercolor a delicious culinary theme - still life with fresh bread and cheese. 

 In this still life through the complex nuances of golden color we will create an image of warmth, joy and anticipation of a hearty breakfast.

The composition of the still life consists of several subjects, the painting of which gives an excellent opportunity to master, develop and consolidate a variety of watercolor techniques. The main persons of this still life are: freshly baked ruddy rye bread with appetizing baked crusts, and delicate golden cheese with a gloss of butter and holes in the flesh, which seems translucent "at the light". It is truly delicious and aquarelly addictive!

Join the master class during which Elena generously shares her invaluable skills that she applies in her creative work!   

The finished drawing will help even beginners to paint a study, concentrating specifically on the process of painting. 
For beginners, this master class will provide an opportunity to practice painting on simple subjects that do not require deep elaboration of the form, to get acquainted in practice with the basic principles of drawing and composition. And, of course, to believe in your own strength and see the prospect of further training!

To participate in the master class you will need to set up a measured and fruitful work. You will be immersed in watercolor painting, in a fascinating study of various painting techniques and secrets of mixing colors.

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On this course you will learn
  • work with still life composition and the rules of working with photo references, the peculiarities of working in different lighting;
  • the rule of solving lighting through cold and warm shades;
  • to convey in watercolor the image of appetizing rye and white bread using calligraphic brushwork techniques;
  • develop golden brown coloring; select paints for painting brown shades without dirt;
  • to paint cheese, with flesh "on clearance" and holes, using nuances in stretching color and tone;
  • to depict bouquets of greens without green colors;
  • depict a ham sandwich using the technique of glazing;
  • convey the materiality of a glass (transparent plastic) pepper mill;
  • control watercolor effects while painting on wet paper, working both dry and wet at the same time;
  • perform the techniques of: stretching tone, dry brush, writing off borders, displacing paint;
  • understand and mix watercolor paints to obtain a harmonious palette using a classic set of paints.
For whom this course is
  • Beginning artists who wish to learn the technique of working with watercolor.
  • Students who have taken the author's workshops on glass, mushrooms and coffee and are continuing their watercolor painting studies.
  • Experienced artists looking to expand their knowledge and skills in watercolor.
  • Art lovers who wish to immerse themselves in the world of creativity and the secrets of watercolor.  

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1 lecture

Painting still life with bread and cheese with watercolor 4 h 20 min

Necessary materials

1. For the main task: watercolor paper of medium or smooth texture (Cold pressed, CP/NOT Suerfase / Grain Fin or raw, rough pressed (Torchon) - Rough Suerfase / Grain Torchon /); density 300 g/m2, 100% cotton.

Author's recommendation: Saunders Waterford (produced by St. Cuthberts Mill, UK); Arches (France); Cezanne (Hahnemuele, Germany).

Size approximately 42x56 cm (about 1/2 of a standard 56x76 cm watercolor sheet) - 1 sheet.

2. For tonal sketches and sketches: any quality for drawing and painting. Album size (A4) - 1 sheet.

3. For test and selection of watercolor palette: preferably quality suitable for watercolor work (as for the main work), you can use paper 50% cotton. Album size (A4 or A3) - 1 sheet.

Watercolor paints in cuvettes and tubes of professional quality.

Recommendation of the author on the selection of paints from the palette of watercolor paints "White Nights" ZKH "Nevskaya Palitra" - a set of 16 paints:

1. / 214. Lemon

2. / 219. Neapolitan Yellow Light / Naples Yellow Light

3. / 206. Ochre Light       

4. / 268. Yellow Tuff

5. / 217. Golden Deep

6. / 364. Geranium red / Geranium

7. / 319. Carmine

8. / 511. Ultramarine      

9. / 509. Bright Blue

10. / 537. Indanthrene Blue Light / Indanthrene Blue Light

11. / 365. Venice Purple / Venice Purple

12. / 321. Iron Oxide Light Red / English Red

13. / 627. Perylene Violet / Perylene Violet

14. / 634. Grey-Violet Granite / Grey-Violet Granite

15. / 633. Augite Porphyrite / Augite Porphyrite

16. / 809. Gas Soot / Lamp Black          


Number in order. / Manufacturer's code. Paint Name // List Number. / Manufacturer Code.  Name of paint.

Brushes of different sizes and shapes, preferably made of squirrel hair.

Minimum set of 6 brushes:

- No. 2, 5 - round;

- No. 4, 8 - flat;

- No. 6 or 8 - calligraphic (French set or Chinese calligraphic brush, water-bearing brush with a thin end) - natural or a mixture: synthetic + squirrel's hair or column;

- wide flute No. 50 or 80 - pony, ear hair, goat, squirrel, simple synthetic or imitation squirrel - for wetting the sheet and moistening parts of the painting;

Optional: other brushes of your choice.

Author's recommendation: "BelkaBrush" (Russia; Belka Brush Shop also carries brushes of the Korean brand "HEREND"), brushes "Kolibri" (Germany), "DaVinci" (Germany), "Escoda" (Spain), "Roubloff" (Russia) and "Nevskaya Palitra" (also produced at the factory "Roubloff", Russia), as well as various calligraphic brushes of Chinese manufacture.


Elena Bazanova

Elena Bazanova

"Creativity is a state of mind, a person's ability to see beauty and create. Manifestations of creativity are very multifaceted. It is quite a broad topic for conversation. Love contributes to creativity, love in many different broad senses", Elena Bazanova, October 2020. Elena Bazanova has been working in one of the most difficult techniques - watercolour - for over 20 years. She gives master classes, writes very interesting extensive articles, but most importantly, she is fluent in the exquisite technique of watercolour. Her works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, France, England, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Holland, Kazakhstan and China.

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from 15.2 
-39% 25 

Discount ends in

from 15.2 
-39% 25 

Discount ends in

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