Vector Illustration in Adobe Fresco

Сourse is taught by Tonia Tkach
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Learn how to create stunning vector illustrations on a tablet with Adobe Fresco in this online workshop. Master the basics, explore different styles, and prepare your work for printing or uploading.


English & Spanish subtitles available 

This workshop is designed to bring out your creativity and help you take your vector illustration skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this class will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to work on a tablet and create professional-looking vector illustrations.

Get ready to explore the basics of Adobe Fresco, learn how to work with layers, vector brushes, touch gestures, export and editing them in Adobe Illustrator and more.

We'll create some vector illustrations and learn how to assemble seamless patterns using Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture.





On this course you will learn
  • The basics of Adobe Fresco, including how to create a new file and set up the application workspace
  • How to work with layers, groups, and vector brushes in detail
  • Techniques for sketching and drawing vector illustrations in a variety of styles
  • How to export your illustrations and rework them in Adobe Illustrator on your desktop
  • Creating seamless patterns using Adobe Capture
  • Analyzing several works of the students
For whom this course is
  • Artists and graphic designers who want to learn how to work on a tablet
  • Beginners who are new to vector illustration and Adobe Fresco
  • Those who want to improve their vector illustration skills and explore new styles
  • Professionals who want to create professional-looking illustrations for printing or uploading to graphic desks
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create seamless patterns using Adobe Capture
  • Those who want to learn how to rework illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Lectoroom is a unique online school of painting, drawing and illustration. Based on the author programs of the teachers with whom we cooperate, here you will learn a lot of new things in different techniques. When, where and how much. It's all online.

You have access to videos courses 24/7. 



1 lecture

Vector Illustration in Adobe Fresco with Tonia Tkach (English/Spanish subs) 3 hours 30 min

Stage One

  • Study the interface of the main page
  • Create a new file and get acquainted with all the tools
  • Setting up the App Environment
  • Learn to work with layers and groups
  • We learn how to work with vector brushes in detail
  • Learning how to use touch gestures
  • Saving files, looking at how to export an illustration, exporting a drawing video.

Step Two

  • Collecting references and importing them into a work file
  • Sketch an illustration
  • Draw in a variety of techniques and styles
  • Export the illustration to a PC
  • Rework the illustration in Adobe Illustrator on your desktop
  • Save the illustration for uploading to stockrooms, prints
  • Create a seamless pattern using Adobe Capture
  • The third stage of practice

Answer questions

  • We'll analyze several works of the students

Necessary materials

  • Tablet and stylus with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture installed (free versions, it is important to update to the latest version)*
  • PC or Mac with Adobe Illustrator installed (you can install a free trial version for the practice period)*

Tip: To work with Adobe Fresco, Adobe Capture, Adobe Illustrator you can create a single Adobe account, so you will be more comfortable to export files (works for the licensed (free trial) version of Adobe Illustrator. A PC will be needed to work on the stage of technical revision of files for stocks


Tonia Tkach

Tonia Tkach

Hi, my name is Tonya. I am an illustrator. Now I am inspired by travel. Thank you for stopping by! магазинчик shutterstock картинки бесплатно открытки с моими картинками телеграм канал email
from 19.1 
-40% 32 

Discount ends in

from 19.1 
-40% 32 

Discount ends in

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