Book illustration with Martha Zhuravskaya

Сourse is taught by Marta Žuravskaja
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Everything you need to know before you become a professional book illustrator with subtitles in english!


Get to know the book illustration from a different angle! Martha's perky pictures seem simple and concise, and her books - light and airy. But is it so easy to illustrate a book with peculiar characters? What about the laws of composition? Or they simply do not work in a cartoon style, and everything is very, very simple? Of course not! 

The illustrated book is just the tip of the iceberg. Book illustration keeps many secrets. Unveil them and become a little more professional with Martha's course!

 In this course you will get an excellent theoretical base: learn how to create a book, what laws and rules every creator have to follow. Working on character design and drills to sharpen your skills in graphic techniques, you will apply the theory into practice. The cherry on top: your own series of works to the text of your choice, all drawn in the same style, under the guidance of an experienced teacher!

 And now you can take a look behind the scenes of this course - sneak peeks of the working moments. Make sure to watch this free video and get inspired, flipping through the pages of a sketchbook with us!


Marta Zhuravskaya is an artist, illustrator, and teacher. Based in Lithuania, she graduated from the Academy of Arts in Vilnius. Martha is a participant of the Bologna(Italy) Illustrators’ exhibition, as well as collective exhibitions in Russia,  Iceland, Japan, Lithuania, Denmark, and Germany. She also held several solo exhibitions in Amsterdam.

 Students of her offline courses win in illustration competitions and participate in prestigious exhibitions, including one in Bologna. 




On this course you will learn
  • Learn about the structure of the book and how it is created
  • Learn how to design bright and interesting characters
  • Learn how to get things started
  • Find out where to look for images and how to interpret them for the needs of modern book illustration
  • Play with the composition
  • Work with ink and watercolors
  • Create your project of several illustrations in the same style!
  • Get ready to work hard and fruitfully! 
For whom this course is

The course is designed for artists, beginning or working on their career in illustration.

For the beginners in illustration, the course will be the starting point in the creative journey. Theoretical information will help you to marshal the knowledge about the structure of the book and how it is created. Learn to navigate within the composition of the page, how to make the work memorable and use a chance to develop a creative project in a single style.

The main goal of the course is to create a wholesome project for the portfolio. A portfolio is an integral part of the life of an illustrator, his or her business card. Therefore, it is critical to have a portfolio that presents you as an artist. Under Martha's guidance, you will draw several illustrations to a small text of your choice. 

Acting illustrators will be able to experiment with a new style and techniques. Performing a series of illustrations will help you understand whether you are able to do a certain amount of work and stick to a single style. Get ready to receive comments on the works from a fellow illustrator, which is especially important when someone becomes less perceptive of things. And, of course, you will add some new high-quality illustrations to your portfolio!

Thus, the course is recommended primarily for purposeful and result-hungry illustrators! Intensive work mode doesn’t leave any time to spare :)

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25 lectures

Necessary materials

Choose the materials you are used to working with.

It can be:

  • Paper
    Pencils and erasers


Marta Žuravskaja

Marta Žuravskaja

Marta is a participant of the International Exhibition of Illustrators in Bologna, as well as a participant of collective exhibitions in Russia, Iceland, Japan, Lithuania, Denmark and Germany. She has also had several solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Amsterdam. She has collaborated as an illustrator with Misteris Pinkmanas, Samokat, Egmont, TriMag, Nieko rimto, Edkokolija, the communication agency f-pr, as well as with the Imperial Porcelain Factory as a porcelain artist.
from 136.1 
-40% 227 

Discount ends in

from 136.1 
-40% 227 

Discount ends in