Сourse is taught by Sergey zinovkin
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Preparing for plein air sketching! Draw 2 subjects: a sunny seaside town wharf and a bar street. You only need 2 materials: a pen and a sketchbook


English subtitles included  

Many intimidating rules like perspective and size ratio will seem elementary when you see them in practice. Of course, all the tricks in the master class are performed by professionals, but you can safely repeat them.



You'll be able to do at the workshop:

  • A light urban sketch.
  • Remember the rules of aerial and linear perspective.
  • Learn non-obvious techniques of working with pen and ink.
  • Understand how to speed up the process of drawing without spending hours on a single sketch.
  • Also, how to create blur and gradient effects, rules of composition and much more.



Lectoroom is a unique online school of painting, drawing and illustration. Based on the author programs of the teachers with whom we cooperate, here you will learn a lot of new things in different techniques. When, where and how much. It's all online.

You have access to videos courses 24/7. 



2 lectures

Cafe signs 1 h 3 min

Boats 38 min

Necessary materials

  • Sketchbook for graphics A6-A5
  • Fountain pen lamy or any analog. Even a black ballpoint pen will do for most of the master class







Sergey zinovkin

Sergey zinovkin

Sergey Zinovkin is an illustrator. In 2012 he received a higher art education. For several years he has been cooperating with various art studios. Since his student days Sergey's favourite medium is watercolour, but since graduation he has managed to try his hand at many techniques: pencil, fountain pen, oil acrylic, etc. The main genre is portrait, but urban sketches and sketches are no less favourite. Since 2015 actively cooperates with art brands and participates in the creation of materials. Since 2017 she has been conducting author's master classes and sketches about her travels.
from 6.2 
-49% 12 

Discount ends in

from 6.2 
-49% 12 

Discount ends in

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